BE IRON Sport Socks | Fe226 - ONLY left in M and XL

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Fe226 Running & Cycling BE IRON Sport Socks boast anti-bacterial properties, allowing you to rinse them under water and hang them to dry between uses. This significantly reduces the need for frequent washing (every 3-8 times), and helps to extend the lifetime of the garment, providing cost and eco-friendly benefits.

The Fe226 Sport Socks are designed for comfort and performance. Crafted from lightweight performance fabrics, they offer a snug fit to provide exceptional support while Running, Cycling, Triathlon training, and participating in any races. The thin compression offers additional support for the achilles tendon without constricting the leg.

For those seeking a more minimal style, these socks are the perfect option, featuring a simple design with limited colors.


Before we designed our BE IRON Performance Bike and Run Sport Socks we looked at thousands of photos from runners, triathletes and cyclists. Know what? They wear ALL sorts of colors of shoes and apparel - from neon bling to more subtle colors. We asked our designer to choose a color that would go well with ALL of them!

The result was: Grey. 

Trust us, we checked it again and again. It's also the perfect link between shoes and apparel. That's why we decided for grey styles with our new odour-crunch socks. A grey day provides the best light - Leonardo da Vinci taught us that. He understood that grey is the light that makes YOU shine.

Purpose: Running / Cycling / Indoor Cycling / Spinning / Triathlon / Everyday use

Switch from frequent washing to simply rinsing and hanging to dry after each use to extend the lifespan of BE IRON Sport Socks. With less washing, these socks stay fresher for longer, saving you money and reducing your environmental impact. While this behavior may be new to you, we encourage you to try it out and see the benefits for yourself. Train more, wash less!

Fe226 offers High Quality: Our carefully selected fabrics are finished to the highest standards, ensuring a perfect fit for athletes. With its antibacterial properties, this product requires less washing, making it more durable and environmentally friendly. Stripped down to the essentials and designed for longevity, Fe226 products avoid flashy prints and colors. Our production process, done exclusively in Europe, follows socially and environmentally responsible standards.

Discover more about Fe226 through our BRAND MANIFESTO, PRODUCT DOGMAS, ABOUT US, and OUR LOGO.

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