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Foot stabilisation 

Match all our TEM running t-shirts

Odour-crunching sock for running and cycling - this sock will eliminate smell as well as bacteria from your feet. Light compression stabilizes your foot without leaving marks on your leg. 

Before we designed our Performance Bike and Run Socks we looked at thousands of photos from runners, triathletes and cyclists. Know what? They wear ALL sorts of colors of shoes and apparel - from neon bling to more subtle colors. We asked our designer to choose a color that would go well with ALL of them! The result was: Grey. 

Trust us, we checked it again and again. It's also the perfect link between shoes and apparel. That's why we decided for grey styles with our new odour-crunch socks. A grey day provides the best light - Leonardo da Vinci taught us that. He understood that grey is the light that makes YOU shine.


Running / Cycling / Indoor Cycling / Spinning / Triathlon

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