Where to buy

We started as on online brand but we strongly believe in good dealers. Because nothing beats putting your hands on the fabrics, feeling the difference and trying on what you are going to wear closest to your skin! 

We are all about YOU and therefore we want to be whereever you are! That is why Fe226 started to work with some selected dealers in order to let you try, test and compare our products to others - and make your decision based on that.

Right now we are just starting, so the list of dealers is not too long. But it is growing and we can asure you: they are brilliant! 


Try and buy Fe226 products here:

Intersport Wohlleben

Von-Werthern-Str. 4

96487 Dörfles-Esbach


Telefon: +49 (0)9561 8561-0

E-Mail: service@intersport-wohlleben.de



Barmbeker Str. 2-6

22303 Hamburg


Telefon: +49 (0) 40 75119890

E-Mail: info@trionik.de


*New Fe226 family members wanted!

We would love to work with more experts and maybe you can help us. So if you know someone who runs a good retail shop or a bikefitting studio etc. and you feel they strive to offer their clients the next level of sportswear evolution: share the news and talk about Fe226. 

Or let us know about any shop you recommend, we'd be truly thankful.

Thank you for helping us grow and get closer to where you live!