About us


Fe226 is a Performance Fashion Brand from Copenhagen with a Mission: constantly raise the bar for performance & style. 

Fe226® is a Danish sportswear brand that started in triathlon industry. Fe226 designs, develops and manufactures all clothing to stand out in terms of performance and style, using only the very best suppliers of fabrics - the main suppliers of materials come from Italy, France and Scandinavia while the finished clothing is produced in Lithuania and Portugal. Fe226 has management, sales in Copenhagen and Hamburg, customer service and logistics in Denmark. The product team is in London.


The Name.

The brand name Fe226® is a combination of the symbol for the chemical element Iron – Fe26 – and the ironman distance in kilometer – 226 – signifying that Fe226® is brand built for triathletes.

The Slogan.

Be Iron. Determination is a fundamental part of the DNA of Fe226® – the determination to define a better self, set a seemingly impossible goal for yourself, and train passionately to realise your goal regardless of weather, fatigue, or crazy working hours. We call this determination IRON. That's why we say BE IRON.

The Mission.

Fe226® was established with a mission to deliver the coolest, best performing sportswear on the market.

The Products.

Fe226® performance wear is shaped by the best of triathletes to support you in being the best triathlete you can become… and designed by the coolest designers around to support you in being the coolest triathlete in the pack. 

The Logo.

Organic in its nature, the logo represents the sacrifices and the blood, sweat & tears required for a human being to achieve an ambitious goal – whether that is finishing an ironman or running your first five miles – We call this determination ”Iron”.

The Heritage.

Based out of London and Copenhagen, Fe226® products are designed and developed by the best sportswear designers and product developers out there. And with production in Lithuania, and fabrics from Italy, France and Portugal, our brand is based on true European craftsmanship.