August 2018 - How Helle Frederiksen and Fe226 built the suit that won the world champs


“When we look confident, we’re more likely to feel confident.”

It’s pretty surreal. Me, Helle, that countryside girl from West Jylland in Denmark, now being able to call myself a Triathlon World Champion. I think it’s safe to say it’s sunk in now, but it has taken a while.

In the immediate aftermath of my ITU Long Distance World Championship win, I found myself being very busy, a good kind of busy. There was limited time to reflect on the actual result, the process and how the race unfolded. It’s only now, 14 days post race, that I’m finding the schedule getting less populated and a sense of routine being restored.

Helle Frederiksen ITU world champ

What a brilliant race it was, not just because I became World Champion but the actual racing dynamic that unfolded on the day is really what I live for. True racing, hard, aggressive and from the gun. I’d prepared myself to put out a big performance and I'm proud I was able to deliver. After every race, I take a period of time to reflect. Both on the good and also the bad.

I’m always seeking performance takeaways that can help me become better. We simply never stop learning so it’s important we can reflect. Upon reflection of this Championship race it’s become clear that my equipment on the day was flawless. Equipment choice can be the difference between winning and losing, especially over the longer distances in Triathlon. The equipment I use is based on a personal desire to use the best. The brands that I carry with me as partners are brands I can stand behind authentically, I simply can’t endorse a product if I don’t believe it has a benefit.

Since before the beginning of this season, I have worked closely together with the product development team at Fe226. The ambition of Fe226 is what drew me to the company in the first place; produce the world’s fastest, highest quality triathlon race suits, without compromise. It was bold, but I loved it. We were to start from the beginning, in pursuit of products that were high-end, luxurious and fast in their performance.

The goal this year for us at Fe226 has been to create two triathlon suits – one sleeved, and one sleeveless – that combine performance with luxury fashion. It’s a unique objective but a needed and viable one. It has been a brilliant journey thus far. Making a Triathlon race suit that is fast, fitted and providing an advantage whether it be during the swim, bike or run, is not a straight forward task.

I’ve been putting many prototypes through their paces over the past months, but for good reason. Analysis has proven, that the potential watt savings from a race suit can be some of the biggest found across all equipment types, but only if a suit is constructed of the right fabric, fits well and maintains its shape under performance. Over the course of the past months we have discussed and turned every detail – from the hydro- and aerodynamic fabric and performance enhancing construction technologies, to the design and cut of my suits. The result is a suit that I’m happy with, proud of and praising as a crucial part of my World Championship win on home soil.

The Fe226 suits feature performance enhancing elements like swimskin-based fabrics, laser cut edges, unrestricting silicone leg hems, and resistance reducing sleeves and pockets. The suit feels fast across all three disciplines, supports my core during the swim and run, and reduces drag on the bike. The suit makes me feel fast, comfortable and strong in my appearance – and let’s be honest, that does matter to any athlete’s performance.

As Carrie Kerpen recently wrote in a Forbes online article “…the reality is that our appearance not only affects how we’re perceived by others, but how we perceive ourselves. When we look confident, we’re more likely to feel confident.”

The suit I wore to my ITU Long Distance World Championship win was an impressive showcase of a company who listens, values and implements professional athlete feedback. I can’t thank the Fe226 team of Morten, Sarah and Ffion enough for our collaboration to date. They take on board my feedback and support my push for excellence with open arms.


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