AeroForce Tri Suit with Sleeves Mk II

€329 €429

Perfect for all three disciplines

Wind tunnel test winner - now made faster

As fast as a swimskin (so you wont need to buy that)

ColdBlack, UV-Protection, Anti-bacterial

Everybody said: “don’t change a winning formula”. But being “the evolutionaries” we simply had to. So, we took the fastest suit available for triathlon and time trial and made it faster and better! More aero-dynamic legs and sleeves plus a heat-sensitive leg-gripper. Want to know more about what makes AeroForce the best triathlon suit in the world? Click below…


Our 2019 version of the AeroForce Suit won by a 9 watts margin to the second best in a large wind-tunnel test conducted by RennRad against 13 other TT and triathlon suits from the fastest brands in the world.

The editor said: “At first, we didn’t believe the test results, so we had to do them all again. They turned out to be correct”. And mind you: While developing the Fe226 AeroForce suit we didn’t only think about aerodynamics.

Our AeroForce suit is as fast as a swimskin in the water and supports your posture on the run, when you start getting tired. German pro, Franz Löschke, broke his 800m PB in the pool wearing this suit.

Just try it for yourself. It will amaze you. Not just for the speed. This remarkable tri suit features a long list of details like high-performance triathlon chamois, bonded edges, laser cut cooling holes, 4-6 times faster drying, +35% weight-saving, cooling effect (ColdBlack) and 4-way dynamic stretch for energy return during all three disciplines. 


The Fe226 AeroForce Tri Suit is designed and constructed to be the very best tri suit on the market. No compromises in design, fabric, trims or construction have been made.

Design & Construction
The AeroForce Tri Suit is made with one goal in mind: To be fast across all three disciplines. However, with a design by Ffion Appleton (loved by everyone from athletes like David Beckham and Usain Bolt to celebrities like Beyoncé and OffWhite™ creator Virgil Abloh) that will make you look sharp, stylish and elegant. Design and construction details include:

  • The core fabric is lighter, more stretchy, faster drying and more aero- and hydrodynamic than any other product out there - see Fabric Details
  • Back pocket + gel pockets on both sides to keep you powered up
  • Extra-long front zip makes it easy to get the suit on and off and allows easy cooling on the run
  • Heat-sensitive leg-grippers (the warmer you get, the grippier they get, so the leg hems stay in place during all disciplines)
  • Aero-dynamic, turbulence-breaking sleeve structure
  • Bonded edges on arm and leg hems to minimize chafing
  • Laser cut holes on the sides ensure maximum breathability
  • Mesh panel along the spine allows heat to dissipate
  • Reflective tape on back and shoulders for maximum visibility

EVOLUTIONIZING - Our brand new AeroForce Mk II chamois has been developed together with gebioMized chamois to fit perfectly with both a more aggressive, aerodynamic position but also a slightly more upright and comfortable position on both split saddles and normal tri saddles. 

A special multi-density insert is located in the perineal zone towards the nose of the saddle, where pressure peaks occur due to the typical low, aerodynamic tri position. 

The combination of perforated foams and plain soft wings provide superior elasticity in the inner leg area, maximum breathability and quick dry properties.

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