DuraForce Indoor Cycling Suit

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Perfect for Indoor Cycling!



Highest comfort

The DuraForce Tri Suit can compete with the best in class on fabrics, trims and construction technologies. Designed to make you look good and constructed to make you endure those long hours of training and race. The elastic warp knit fabric with light compression has quick dry, cooling (ColdBlack®) and maximum breathability. The gel chamois is made for long rides and indoor training sessions. 

The Fe226 DuraForce Suit is designed and constructed for performance and comfort. This is the indoor cycling suit that will just keep you going hour after hour. 

Design and construction
The DuraForce Suit is designed to make you look elegant, yet ready to perform. Like a classic black or blue suit-and-tie with small details that make it stand out in a subtle way. Design and construction details include:

  • The core fabric is one of the market's finest warp knit fabrics
  • Silicone dot tape on leg hems to keep the tights in place
  • Mesh panel along the spine allows heat to dissipate
  • Long front zip makes it easy to get the suit on and off and allows easy cooling
  • Large back pocket to keep you powered up
  • No sleeves to keep you cooler on the smart trainer 

Main: 74% Polyamide, 26% Elastane
Mesh: 80% Polyester, 20% Elastane   

Made from the best fabric from the leading Italian developer and producer of performance fabrics for cycling and triathlon, the Fe226 DuraForce Tri Suit features:

·       Innovative warp knitting: This warp knit fabric is among the most innovative solutions within cycling worldwide. It has been developed by the leading Italian performance fabric developer, a company that is rewarded worldwide as the leading innovative mill for technical fabrics highly appreciated in all the high demanding active sports markets

·       Muscle support: With genuine compression performance this fabric offers excellent muscle support during your exercise be it training or competition.

·       4-way stretch: This fabric has 4-way stretch offering you an extraordinary freedom of movement while maintaining the muscle support.

·       Piling resistance: This fabric's durability has been tested using the Martindale Abrasion Resistance Test with maximum scores (5 out of 5)

·       UVA and UVB protection: This fabric has shown the highest protection level of 50+

Additional Treatments: The fabric has been treated with

·     Anti-bacterial to keep your product odor-free

·     QuickDry for fast drying 

·     Wicking to keep your skin dry during workout 

·     ColdBlack® to keep you cool even in the hottest conditions

The padding is calibrated not to limit movements range, making your ride comfortable and fast. The chamois is lighter than similar performing pads. The seamless chamois uses crosslinked PU foam. The conformation of this polymer makes the pad much faster in drying and its cells and perforation promote perspiration. The breathability is also ensured because there is no use of glue: fabric and foam are joined using hot rolling lamination. Foams are all high quality, endure over time
and do not get flat with long-lasting use.

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