AeroForce Sleeved Tri Suit MK. III


Perfect for all three disciplines
Wind tunnel test winner
As fast as a swimskin
ColdBlack, UV-Protection, Anti-bacterial

We have made the fastest triathlon and time trial suit even faster! More aero-dynamic legs and sleeves plus a new leg gripper. 

“At first, we didn’t believe the test results, so we had to do them all again. They turned out to be correct”. Our AeroForce Suit won by a 9 watts margin to the next best in a large wind-tunnel test conducted by RennRad against 13 other TT and triathlon suits from the fastest brands in the world.

And mind you: While developing the AeroForce suit we didn’t only think about aerodynamics. Our AeroForce suit is as fast as a swimskin in the water and supports your posture on the run, when you start getting tired.


This tri suit features a long list of details like high-performance chamois, bonded edges, laser cut cooling holes, 4-6 times faster drying, +35% weight-saving, cooling effect (ColdBlack) and 4-way dynamic stretch for energy return during all three disciplines. 

The AeroForce Tri Suit is made with one goal in mind: To be fast across all three disciplines.

• The core fabric is lighter, more stretchy, faster drying and more aero- and hydrodynamic than any other product
• Back pocket + gel pockets on both sides
• Extra-long front zip makes it easy to get the suit on and off and allows easy cooling on the run
• Non-constraining leg-grippers
• Aerodynamic, turbulence-breaking sleeve structure
• Bonded edges on arm and leg hems to minimize chafing
• Laser cut holes ensure maximum breathability
• Mesh panel along the spine allows heat to dissipate
• Reflective prints and tape for maximum visibility

The EIT TRI COMP has been developed and placed into the suit together with gebioMized to fit perfectly with an aerodynamic position on both split saddles and normal tri saddles. A special multi-density insert is located in the perineal zone towards the nose of the saddle, where pressure peaks occur due to the typical low, aerodynamic tri position. The combination of perforated foams and plain soft wings provide superior elasticity in the inner leg area, maximum breathability and quick dry properties.

This super-fast AeroForce tri suit is made from the very best fabric on the market and features:
• Hydro- and Aerodynamics: This revolutionary fabric has demonstrated superior hydro- and aero-dynamic performance in numerous tests. This performance stems from the fact that the fabric has maximum breathability in air yet allows water and air to slide off.
• Second Skin & Shaper: With unparalleled elasticity this fabric creates an extraordinary second skin effect. The fabric offers over 20% more extension than comparable stretch materials.
• Excellent dynamic performance: During a triathlon, your skin is subjected to major multidimensional extension. The fabrics are therefore subjected to the same. This fabric has effortless, 4-way stretch offering you an extraordinary freedom of movement while maintaining outstanding muscle support.
• Super-lightweight: Based on Aquatech technology, this fabric offers a 35% weight saving compared to widespread fabrics with comparable opacity. This weightsaving increases substantially for wet fabric.
• Ultra-fast drying: The incomparable structure of this fabric is tested to dry in 3 minutes compared to 10-17 minutes for knitted fabrics (Standard NF G07-166).
• Core temperature regulation: Most knitted products offer wicking to keep you dry. The issue is that sweat actually manages your core temperature, so extensive wicking will increase your core temperature. This fabric will wick the sweat to the outer surface, to keep you dry while also cooling your skin and hence manage your core temperature. This is particularly important in warm conditions. The fabric has been treated with ColdBlack® to further strengthen the cooling features of the fabric.
• Piling resistance: The durability has been tested using the Martindale Abrasion Resistance Test and the result was remarkable: After 50,000 cycles this fabric had suffered no wear and tear. And even if we don't recommend using it for indoor swimming, you can in fact use it in chlorine. It has been tested to lose only 17% of is elasticity after 60 hours of indoor swimming.
• UVA and UVB protection: This fabric has shown a protection figure of +700 UPF, which easily satisfies the highest protection level of 50+
• Anti-bacterial: The fabric has been treated with anti-bacterial to keep your product odor-free
• Oeko-Tex® Standard 100

Care instructions
- Turn inside-out before washing
- Synthetic machine wash or hand wash cold
- Use mild detergents and no fabric softener
- Do not wring
- Do not use bleach
- Do not tumble dry
- Dry naturally away from sunlight and direct heat
- Do not iron
- Do not dryclean

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