LightRun 2-in-1 Shorts

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Comfortable and breathable inner short

Light-weight outer short

The LightRun 2-in-1 shorts are the perfect choice for a long summer run. The soft, comfortable inner shorts providing support to your upper legs is antibacterial. The super-lightweight, woven outer short offers maximum breathability whilst wicking away sweat to keep you dry on your run.

The Fe226 LightRun 2-in-1 Shorts are designed and constructed for endurance and comfort. The light weight material stretches with your movement to allow you to move freely.

Design and construction
LightRun 2-in-1 Shorts are designed to make you look cool during your run. The purple inner shorts are designed to give you comfort and support and the black lightweight woven outer shorts additional coverage. Further, the shorts have reflective band on the sides to make you visible in the dark. Design and construction details include:

  • The inner shorts are made from comfortable, sweat wicking fabric
  • The inner shorts have lightweight mesh in gusset, center front an back for maximum breathability
  • The outer shorts are made from the high performance X2107K fabric - this is one of the market's finest woven fabrics  - see Fabric Details
  • Silicone dot tape on leg hems to keep the tights in place
  • Waterproof zippered pocket on the back-right hip for secure, dry storage
  • Overlapping hems let you move naturally
  • Elastic waistband with interior drawcord offers a snug fit

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