TEM Muscle Activator Tight

€95 €129

Helps you run faster with glute and hip activating panels 

Reduces your risk of injuries with targeted joint support 

Reduces your post-workout soreness through quad and hamstring support 

Fe226's revolutionary Muscle Activator Running Tight is constructed to improve your running form by activating your glutes while supporting your core and thighs. This will help you:

  • Gain more power in your feet's take-off (impetus)
  • Improve power transfer from hips to legs
  • Minimize soreness via muscle support for hamstrings, glutes and quads

More than two years ago, we set out to find a solution to the issue of bad running form. We gathered a group of experts that included bio-mechanical and kinetic experts from gebioMized®, physiotherapists, running coaches and some of our professional athletes. Our mission was to develop a running tight, that runners can use in their training regime to help detect and correct in-efficient running postureincrease running efficiency through activation of glutes and support of the hips. The result of our endeavors is the Fe226 Muscle Activator™ Running Tight. 

Learn more about how The Ekstra Mile works here.

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