TEM DryRun T-Shirt Long Sleeves, Midnight Blue


Four-panel Perfect Fit construction

Odour-free and antibacterial


Super comfortable

The perfect running t-shirt – now with long sleeves. With the unique, perfect-fit four-panel construction, we have made a light-weight, quick-dry and ventilated t-shirt. It goes without saying, that the TEM Running T-shirt is odour-free, sweat-wicking and super-comfortable.

Perfect Fit: No more fabric twisting or jumping up-and-down
Body cooling: The light-weight fabric has a structure that allows wind through to cool you down even on the hottest of days
Weather protection: The unique structure of the fabric has an insulating effect that will keep your core warm even if it is wet and windy

The TEM Running T-shirt is designed to make you last longer on those long runs while looking stylish and elegant. Design and construction details include:
• Our unique four-panel construction keeps the t-shirt in place during any exercise and hence minimizes chafing and irritation
• The core fabric is lighter, more stretchable, faster drying and better ventilated than any other fabric out there
• The light-weight fabric has a structure that allows wind through to cool you down even on the hottest of days
• The unique structure of the fabric has an insulating effect that will keep your core warm even if the weather wet and windy
• All seams are 5-thread stretch overlock for maximum durability and stretch ability
• Reflective prints for maximum visibility

This unique fabric features:
Core temperature regulation: The unique mesh-like structure allows the fabric to hold air inside the fibres, thereby creating an insulation layer that will keep your body temperature regulated
Ultra-ventilating: The incomparable mesh-like structure also allows air to flow through to your body, so you keep ventilated when the sun is shining and dries you faster thereby keeping the fabric lightweight
Lightweight: Despite the temperature-regulation features, the fabrics weighs in at only 140 g/m2 due to the unique mesh-like construction
Fast-drying: The structure of the fabric will allow you to dry up fast, but we also enhanced this feature by adding an ecological quick-dry treatment to the fabric
Piling resistance: This fabric's durability has been tested using the Martindale Abrasion Resistance Test and the result flawless
Anti-bacterial: The fabric has been treated with anti-bacterial to keep your product odor-free
Oeko-Tex® Standard 100

Care instructions:
- Keep away from light color during first wear
- Turn inside-out before washing
- Wash dark colors separately
- Synthetic machine wash or hand wash cold
- Use mild detergents and no fabric softener
- Do not wring
- Do not use bleach
- Do not tumble dry
- Dry naturally away from sunlight and direct heat
- Do not iron
- Do not dryclean


All Fe226 sportswear items are anti-bacterial and therefore odour-less. This means that you need to wash them less, and hence you can keep them for longer. This is good for you and good for the environment.

Feel better
You probably know the feeling; after a few months of training in your apparel, they start to smell. Even after you washed them. This problem is over now. Using Fe226’s odour-less garments, you will feel much better both during training (especially if you exercise in company), and after training an commuting, when you hang your garments to dry either at home or at work/school.

Longer lasting textiles
Feeling (smelling) better is not the only advantage of Fe226’s odour-less garments. It also means, that instead of washing your garments after each exercise, you can rinse under water and hang it up to dry, thereby reducing washing to every 3-4 times you use it. And with less washing and less bacterial growth, your garments also last longer, so you can buy less. Good for your wallet and good for the environment.

Reduced environmental impact
In sports apparel, our use of a garment stands for the 50-70% of total carbon emission. Using an odour-less product more than once before washing drastically reduces the environmental impact of the garment. Water and energy are saved, CO2 is reduced and the amount of microplastics can also be significantly reduced. It all starts by washing less. Studies show, that if you use an anti-bacterial garment for just nine months longer, you will reduce water usage by close to 20%, carbon dioxide emissions by more than 15% and waste by 8% compared to a normal sportswear item.

PS.: An additional fun-fact: Skipping one wash load per week, will save you three days in a year – not bad, in these busy times, right?

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