THE Sleeveless Base Layer - Black | Fe226



Wait - now Fe226 is kidding us? I have seen exactly this product in their running collection, and now they wanna sell it as a base layer?

Well, you are right - to some degree. Yes, you saw this as a Running Singlet. Yes, it is the same product. NO, we don't wanna fool you. Not at all.

Our belief is, that the keys to reducing the environmental footprint of sportswear are buying less, producing less, and mindful usage. The most effective way to reduce your carbon footprint is to buy less. Meanwhile, if you do need an item, we strive to develop training and race kit of such quality that you only need the one. Read about our product dogmas here.

According to this, the Running Singlet is made to be the only Running Singlet in your closet. But it can also be you only sleeveless Base Layer to be worn under your Cycling Jersey, Running Jacket, Running Longsleeve or even in everyday life. 

Here’s why we think it is really a 2-in-1 product that can be used as Running Singlet and as a Base Layer without any compromises:

The light-weight fabric has a structure that allows wind through to cool you down when you wear it as a Running Singlet. This unique structure of the fabric also has an insulating effect that will keep your core warm when using it as a Base Layer and wear a second layer on top.

Perfect and cooling Running Singlet if you just wear this. Perfect and warming Base Layer if combined with a Cycling Jersey or Running Jacket.

This product is antibacterial and needs less washing. Wheater you use it as a Base Layer or a Running Singlet: it lasts much longer and helps save water and energy - your money.

We only produce in European factories that are socially and environmentally responsible. We only use high-quality, locally sourced fabrics, and we always produce in smaller batches. You can read more about our product dogmas here. If you wonder, why our prices are rather high compared to some better known brands, please have a look here.

Read more about using this as a Running Singlet here

Why you should buy this as your base layer AND running singlet:

High Quality: Our fabrics are carefully selected and finished to the highest standards

Perfect Fit: Developed by people who are athletes themselves

Train more, wash less: This product is antibacterial and needs less washing, it lasts much longer and helps save water and energy

All that you want - nothing you don't: We strip each product down to the essentials - and add detail to make them unique

Timeless design: Your product should last a long time. So, you must also like to wear it for a long time. That's why we deliberately avoid flashy prints and fashion colors

Made in Europe: For fabrics and production, we work exclusively with socially and ecologically responsible partners

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