Women's Hoodie - FEW LEFT, better hurry up!

€26 €119

Stays in shape - always!

Slimfit with no bulky parts

Look good to and from training or for everyday use

We asked 25 testers to tell us, what they love about The Fe226 London|Copenhagen slimfit hoodie. Some said, the performance fabric feels super soft. Some said, it is brilliant for commuting. Some said, it is perfect for the gym. All of them said, that it simply looks great. We only have 300 pieces, so it's first come, first served.

The Fe226 London | Copenhagen hoodie is made from a 335 grams/m high-quality poly-cotton. The design is slimfit and sportive with a black-on-black Fe226 print on the chest and a subtle BE IRON print on the hoodie. You can use this hoodie as an everyday item, to and from training and race, for easy jogs or in the gym. The poly-cotton will make it stay in shape for many years compared to normal cotton hoodies.

FEW LEFT, better hurry up!

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