Listen to us now - believe us later

Our brand is a Performance Couture brand, and we aim to drive our brand forward as professional businesspeople, but a part of us is still the renegade of our youth.

And that inner scoundrel loves to listen to alternative music. If you, too, like a bit of punk, alt rock and old school rock ‘n’ roll, we have collacted our personal playlist for your next workouts.

Happy training!


Lone is the one, who will take care of your orders and requests. She's the real angel inside Fe226, too. Listen to Lone's favorite music


Morten is the founder of Fe226. Without him, there wouldn't be any evolutionaries. Check out which music he loves to dance to: 


Nis is our network, brand and marketing guy and has a lot of experience with testing and developing. He love some punk rock tunes, but also quiter songwriters, as you can see here: