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Fxxx the system

We design sportswear to help x-ing your limits with less harm done to the planet.

Inspired by the rebellious can-do attitude of 1980's punkrock bands, we started Fe226 to challenge an unsustainable sportswear industry - The System.

Fxxx The System. Let's do something different. Let's make products to help you...


Our Product Dogmas

Fe226 Insights

Production in Belarus

Production in Belarus

Back in 2020, when the Belarus demonstrations against the election results were at their peak, we decided to ask our Lithuanian manufacturer to mov...

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Product Insights

Fe226 offers the fastest AeroForce triathlon suits for races like Ironman Hawaii, Ironman Kona, Ironman triathlon long distance race. Wind tunnel test winner, super aero and with ColdBlack

Fe226 Kona Special

Our fastest triathlon aero dynamic race day suit for Ironman Race Day in Kailua Kona is the Fe226 AeroForce Triathlon Suit, no doubt. Add some odor...

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