Thank you for dropping by our website. We are Lone, Nis and Morten, the founders of Fe226. We started Fe226 to develop sportswear where each product offers performance enhancing features that make your training more enjoyable. As sports lovers, we found that even small improvements could often make a big difference to how you experience a training session. So, this is what we do. We add unique and performance enhancing features to sportswear products that make you unlock The Ekstra Mile™ by making your exercise more enjoyable. Our approach is evolution – and we call ourselves the EVOLUTIONARIES.

Lone, Nis & Morten

We strive to improve every single day. Both our products and our company. So, do not expect us to stay the same. We constantly evolve and change. It is in our DNA. We are the Evolutionaries. Please, come join us.

Fe226 is a Performance Couture Brand from Copenhagen. Performance, because every product is designed to bring you quantifiable performance advantages. Couture, because we strive to design products that look beautiful even 10 years from now.

Our name is Fe-2-26 and it signifies, that we design performance clothing for the most intense and demanding endurance sports in the world. Fe26 is the chemical symbol for iron. 226 is an ironman distance in kilometers. 26.2 is the marathon distance in miles.

Based out of Copenhagen, Hamburg and London, Fe226 products are designed and developed by the best sportswear designers and product developers out there. And with production in Lithuania, Belarus and Portugal, and fabrics from Italy, France and Portugal, our brand is based on true European craftmanship.

The Making Of Fe226 Apparel from Fe226 on Vimeo.

Fe226 sportswear offers unique functional and performance enhancing features to make you go The Ekstra Mile™. With Fe226 products, you will feel better, fresher, safer, more effective, faster, whatever makes your training more comfortable. Check out for yourself, what makes you unlock The Ekstra Mile™.


Unlocking The Ekstra Mile™ is our brand promise to you. And, by the way, “Ekstra” is not a spelling mistake – it signifies that Fe226 is a Danish design brand out of Copenhagen. But we are more than a design brand. We are evolutionaries developing sportswear with unique functional features to make exercising more enjoyable.

Some features are shared for all our products – they are odourless, wicking and quick dry. Others are unique to each product.

Some products are almost revolutionized to boost your performance, no matter what level you are on. This goes for our renowned AeroForce™ triathlon range that is the fastest suits known to man. And it goes for our Muscle Activator™ Running Tight and Perfect Posture™ Running Top that have proven to improve running efficiency by 4.2%.

Other products have been evolved carefully to make your exercise more comfortable and enjoyable.  This goes for all our other running, cycling and triathlon kit. E.g., the temperature-regulating and perfect fitted The Ekstra Mile™ running range. And the body shaping and cooling DuraForce™ running and training range for Women.

But no matter which product you choose, it will offer you unique performance enhancing features. This is our promise to you.

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