Thank you for dropping by our website. We are Lone, Nis and Morten, the founders of Fe226. Our mission is to help you x-ing your limits with less harm done to the planet.

Inspired by the rebellious can-do attitude of 1980's punkrock bands, we started Fe226 to challenge an unsustainable sportswear industry - The System.

No more products-made-from-cheap-fabrics-in-excessive-amounts-then-transported-thousands-of-miles-on-container-ships-to-be-sold-at-discounted-prices-and-thrown-away-a-few-months-later-because-they-are-no-longer-used [pause - deep sigh]. We say Fxxx The System. Let's do something different. Let's make products to help you...


Lone, Nis & Morten are Fe226. A brand with values thats develops running, cycling and triathlon sportswear with a sustainable approach, high quality and made in europeX YOUR LIMITS.
We started Fe226 to develop cool sportswear to help you to a better performance.

As sports lovers, we find that sportswear can make a big difference to how you experience a training session. We strive to add details to each product to make it the perfect item to help you X-ing your limits.


We also started Fe226, because we want to promote a healthy lifestyle, but not at the expense of the environment. Our aspiration is to provide sportswear that you can buy and use with better conscience.

We constantly work to eliminate the negative social and environmental impact of making and using our products to help us all act responsibly.

Please, read more about our PRODUCT DOGMAS, our BRAND MANIFESTO and our LOGO to get to know us better.

Our name is Fe-2-26 and it signifies, that we design performance apparel that is good enough to be worn in the most intense and demanding endurance sports in the world. Fe26 is the chemical symbol for iron. 226 is an ironman distance in kilometers. 26.2 is the marathon distance in miles.

Based out of Copenhagen, Hamburg and London, Fe226 products are designed and developed by the best sportswear designers and product developers out there. And with production in Lithuania, Ukraine and Portugal, and fabrics from Italy, France and Portugal, our brand is based on true European craftmanship.

The Making Of Fe226 Apparel from Fe226 on Vimeo.


The "X" is adopted from punkrock and signifies several things: It's the chromosome we have in common, the identifier, the multiplicator, the unknown, the kiss, the wish, the spot on a map... But first and foremost, the X is our brand promise. We aim to help you X-ing limits with less harm done to the planet. 

Our Brand Manifesto explains our X Limits approach. You can find further information about our X-logo here.

Fe226 is a performance sportswear brand from Copenhagen. Fe226 create sportswear for running, cycling and triathlon with a sustainable approach, which need less washing

In Fe226, we develop sportswear with unique functional features to make exercising more effective and more enjoyable. Some features are shared for all our products – they are odourless, wicking and quick dry. Others are unique to each product.

Some products are almost revolutionized to boost your performance, no matter what level you are on. This goes for our renowned AeroForce™ triathlon range with the fastest suits known to man. And it goes for our Muscle Activator™ Running Tight and Perfect Posture™ Running Top that have proven to improve running efficiency by 4.2%.

Other products have been evolved carefully to make your exercise more comfortable and enjoyable.  Like the temperature-regulating and perfectly fitted  running range. And the body shaping and cooling DuraForce™ running and training range for Women. But no matter which product you choose, it will offer you unique performance enhancing features. This is our promise to you.

Read more about TRAIN MORE - WASH LESS

The Fe226 AeroForce Triathlon Suit is our best and fastest tri suit. Wind tunnel test winner, aero dynamic for Ironman 70.3 triathlon, Ironman tri, time trial and cycling races. High quality and high end triathlon suit

Please, read more about our BRAND MANIFESTOPRODUCT DOGMAS and our LOGO to get to know us better.
Fe226 Loggo with "X" signifies our sustainable approach. Fxxx the system of sportswear industry and let's change it for better running, cycling and triathlon
Fe226 Running Apparel: high quality odourfree and antibacterial running shirt, running singlet, running short, running tight for marathon, training runs, triathlon training. Fe226 AeroForce: our best and fastest Triathlon and time trial suit! wind tunnel test winner. High quality, super fast
Fe226 Cycling Apparel: high quality, cycling jersey, cycling bib short, cycling socks, indoor cycling items that won't smell and last long High quality: Fe226 Hoodie, Fe226 Crewneck, Fe226 odourfree Sport Socks for running and cycling, Fe226 Merino Beanie, Fe226 t shirt, Fe226 sticker