X-ing limits. Fe226 Brand Manifesto. Fe226 is a danish sportswear brand with values. We produce running, triathlon and cycling apparel with sustainable approach
We at Fe226 are inspired by the rebellious can-do attitude of 1980s punk rock bands | Fe226 Brand Manifesto
Fe226 is inspired by punk rock bands. Their creative force and courage to question standards and challenge the norm
We at Fe227 take this can-do attitude from punk rock music into sportwear design with a sustainable approach
We at Fe226 believe in X-ing limits, rather than limiting crossings. According to this sustainable approach we develop our sportswear
Fe226 was created to design sportswear that help X-ing your limits with less harm done to the planet. Running, triathlon and cycling with sustainable approach
X your limits. Act responsibly. Fe226 Brand Manifesto for developing running, cycling and triathlon apparel with sustainable approach
Please, read more about our PRODUCT DOGMAS, ABOUT US and our LOGO to get to know us better.
Fe226 Running Apparel: high quality odourfree and antibacterial running shirt, running singlet, running short, running tight for marathon, training runs, triathlon training. Fe226 AeroForce: our best and fastest Triathlon and time trial suit! wind tunnel test winner. High quality, super fast
Fe226 Cycling Apparel: high quality, cycling jersey, cycling bib short, cycling socks, indoor cycling items that won't smell and last long High quality: Fe226 Hoodie, Fe226 Crewneck, Fe226 odourfree Sport Socks for running and cycling, Fe226 Merino Beanie, Fe226 t shirt, Fe226 sticker