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Fe226's The Perfect Posture Running Top is crafted for optimal running form, designed to support your core, shoulders, and lower back. This revolutionary design enables efficient breathing and power transmission to help you achieve the best results while running.

Fe226's mission was to create a running top that would allow endurance runners to detect and correct ineffective running posture. After gathering a group of experts, including gebioMized®, physiotherapists, coaches, and athletes, we developed the Perfect Posture™ Running Top. Its construction supports core and shoulder muscles, reducing the issues of leaning forward, side swing, and side drop, as well as hunching of the shoulders. 

The Fe226 Perfect Posture™ Running Top features three varieties of panels that work together to reduce tension in the shoulders and side drop and swing while providing support for the lower back and open chest to facilitate a better breathing pattern. These panels ultimately improve power transfer from the core to the hip flexors, helping you stay in an upright position while running.

A shoulder support compression panel helps relax your shoulders while keeping correct posture for greater running efficiency. This enables better oxygen intake and proper shoulder mobility to generate momentum in the hips.

A core stabilizing panel reduces waist curvature, minimizing side motion and side drop. It also boosts power transfer from the hips to the legs.

Ventilation panels on the front and back ensure cooling and quick drying.

To prove the efficiency gains from the Fe226 Perfect Posture™ Running Top, we took it to detailed tests with the gebioMized® analysis team in Münster, Germany. The results speak for themselves. For a fatigued runner the Fe226 Perfect Posture Running Top gave:

  • 8,7 degrees less forward lean at the waist (17%)
  • 1,5 degrees more upright in the torso (neck)
  • 0,7 cm less side drop

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Our production takes place in European facilities which set a precedent for social and environmental responsibility. We prioritize quality fabrics, acquired locally, and manufacture in limited quantities. You can read more about our product dogmas here. If you wonder, why our prices are rather high compared to some better known brands, please have a look here.

Rinsing your garments under water after each use and hanging them up to dry instead of washing them every 3-8 times can help prevent bacterial growth, ultimately leading to longer garment life and saving you money. This may not be your usual practice, but it's worth a try! Practice more sustainably and reduce your washing frequency.

Expertly crafted Fe226 Running Top: Our fabrics are thoughtfully chosen and meticulously finished to meet the highest standards. Optimal Fit: Designed by experienced athletes. Train more, wash less: This antibacterial product requires less washing, prolonging its lifespan and conserving resources. All essentials, no excess: We focus on the essentials and add unique details for a timeless design. Timeless design: Built to last, comfortable to wear, Made in Europe: For materials and manufacturing, we collaborate with responsible and environmentally-conscious partners.

Please, read more about our BRAND MANIFESTO, our PRODUCT DOGMASABOUT US and OUR LOGO to get to know Fe226 better.

The X signifies that Fe226 develops high quality sustainable sportswear for running, cycling, triathlon. Danish design, performance driven, punk rock inspired, made in europe. Perform better. Act responsibly. X-ing your limits with less harm to the planet.

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