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It's not too long until the greatest triathlon race on earth in Kailua Kona, Hawaii. This year it's a women's only race, but for us that doesn't change it's the big one - only with less male athletes travelling to the Big Island. Fe226 offers some specific products to make you race well and improve your training days on your road to Kona in the heat of the Big Island. Check out our specific advice here. And we're not just talking about any triathlon race - we're talking about the greatest one on earth! Get ready to conquer the waves, the bike course, and the heat of Kailua Kona, Hawaii! Or at any other race at a hot place.

Race Day 

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Hot like hell, no wetsuit allowed, bloody f...g windy, hardest competition and almost no shade at all - sounds like heaven to you? Well, ask yourself again, you might lie. ;-) No matter how much your body likes the special race day conditions in Kailua Kona, prepare yourself as best as you can. You did that in training. We did so in developing the perfect Ironman race day suit for you!

Wait, a black suit in the heat? Are you kiddin? We don't! You will need a triathlon suit with temperature regulation that can handle the heat. A triathlon suit, that is as fast as a swimskin in the water (so you don't need to buy and put on an extra layer). Well, an aero dynamic optimized wind tunnel winner wouldn't be too bad?

We get you covered: The Fe226 AeroForce MKIII Triathlon Suit is your weapon of choice for harsh and hot triathlon conditions in Hawaii! It is a wind tunnel test winner, ColdBlack reflects the sunlight, mesh panels and laser cut holes let the heat dissipate. The AeroForce triathlon suit is THE triathlon race suit, that will make you swim faster (and saves the cost of an extra swimsuit), be faster in transition area (no changing. And without an extra swimskin you will stay cooler in water temperatures of approx. 27°C), saves watt on the bike (super aero dynamic wind tunnel test winner) and supports on the run. And it has several cooling features, will keep the shape even if it's wet...

Phew, almost tired of reading about all the features? If you aren't (or if you are in doubt), read more about THE AeroForce TRIATHLON SUIT here. Or just get yours now!

Fe226 AeroForce Triathlon Suit is our best and fastest triathlon race day suit for ironman races like hawaii, kona or any other triathlon ironman race

And don't forget to add a pair of white Fe226 Running & Cycling Socks to your cart for Ironman Race Day in Hawaii!

Training on the Big IslandFe226 Triathlon, running, cycling sportswear with a sustainable approach, high quality nad many performance enhancing features.

If you travel to Big Island your suitcase will be packed with a lot of different things. And still you'll have to add some training apparel to practice in Kailua Kona before Ironman race day. Solution: Pay a lot for some extra luggage. Nope, just kidding. Why don't you bring some anti bacterial and odorless items, that are perfected to be used number of times in hot conditions?

If you pick Fe226 running and cycling apparel you can bring less items and just rinse them under water after exercising (hopefully you'll plan to shower post sports...). Let your running or cycling apparel hang dry and use them many times before washing. Less water consumption, less apparel to travel with - and, last but not least, less unpleasant odor for your training partners and yourself.

Running in Kailua Kona HeatFe226 running singlets, running tights and running socks are perfected for travelling. You don't need to wahs them too often and this way you don't need to pack too many pieces. Anti bacterial and odourless

For your runs on Ali'i Drive, Queen K Highway or down and up the Natural Energy Lab, we recommend Fe226 White Running Singlet, The Ekstra Mile Muscle Activator Short or Fe226 Running Outer Short and white Fe226 Running & Cycling Socks

The Fe226 Running Singlet

This Fe226 Running Singlet has a mesh-like structure that allows air and wind through. This way it helps cooling you down, even if the wind in Hawaii feels like it comes from a hairdryer. If the fabric is wet (soaked with sweat) it works even better in terms of cooling, so you will stay fresher than without a shirt. 

Fe226 White Running Singlet is the perfect running singlet for hot weather conditions, marathon running, triathlon training and all your summer runs. Needs less washing and will not smell. High Quality

If you prefer a bit more color, choose our Fe226 Running Singlet in Ultramarine instead.

The Ekstra Mile Muscle Activator Tight

This Tight will constantly remind your body how to run better. That's why we would use this as a running tight during Kona Race Week. It'll activate your gluteus and will help you become a better runner - no good idea to do without it in Kona, right? Learn more about The Ekstra Mile or just click the photo to buy yours!

Fe226 Outer Short

Our Fe226 Outer Short is the most breathable solution for your hot runs - just choose a lightweight and breathable sports underpant as an additional base layer. This short is meant to be combined with our Short Running Tights or Muscle Activator Tight. But if you just choose a thin underpant to go with, this will be our lightest and most breathable solution. Fe226 Outer Running Short is a super leightweight running short for the hottest of days. Extremly breathable and soft running short for marathon, triathlon training and running in th heat. Odorless and anti bacterial

Fe226 Running & Cycling Performance Socks

Complete your Fe226 Running Kit with Fe226 Running & Cycling Socks. Choose White or Ultramarine, depending on your Running Singlet and Cycling Jersey color choice. Or you can show what you came here for by opting for grey BE IRON Socks.

Fe226 Running & Cycling Socks are anti bacterial and odorfree. Train more, wash less. That's environmental friendly and sustainable

Cycling on Queen K Highway 
Fe226 Cycling Apparel (StrongRide Cycling Bibs and StrongRide Cycling Jersey) is perfected to be safe and seen by cars on the road. And to feel good and perform well.

Riding your bike in Kailua Kona is a very special thing - there is almost no shadow, the never ending asphalt string across the coastline is sidelined by lava fields that make it an extraordinary hot place. There are some other roads you can use for your exercises, but of course you want to test your body and mind and practice the original race course - and, well: everybody is riding there. 

But: you'll have to share the roads not only with triathletes (even if some of us tend to behave like they own the place), but also with cars and trucks. A lot of cars and trucks.

This is why we recommend a Fe226 Cycling kit consisting of our Hi-Vis Yellow Jersey, either black or blue Cycling Bibs and white Fe226 Running & Cycling Socks.

Fe226 StrongRide Hi-Vis Yellow Jersey

The yellow jersey won't get too hot, while making you visible for trucks and cars on the road.

Fe226 StrongRide Cycling Bib Short

Our StrongRide Cycling Bibs will not only support you with a high-end chamois of the highest quality, but are also treated with ColdBlack to reflect the sunlight, so you won't get too hot wearing them on your training rides. 

If you prefer a different, but also eye-catching color, just choose our Fe226 StrongRide Cycling Jersey in Ultramarine. And combine it with Blue Fe226 StrongRide Cycling Bib. Make it a perfected outfit with Fe226 Running & Cycling Socks in Ultramarine Blue.

It goes without saying, that all of the above mentioned products are anti-bacterial and odorfree. Train more, wash less!

Flights, Hotels, Restaurants and Supermarkets

Fe226 BE IRON Hoodie. Made to show what you are made of. High quality cotton hoodie made for everyday use.

A Hoodie on the Big Island, are we kiddin`!? Nope. You won't need it, but for some reasons it ii really good to bring it. Of course for the flights, where the hoodie itself can make it easier to relax and sleep. And it prevents your head from the air conditioning - and might safe you from getting a cold. 

Same reason in Kailua-Kona. Some hotels, restaurants and almost all super markets are air conditioned to the max. It feels really cold inside, to be honest. And your immune system will be super happy with the Fe226 BE IRON Hoodie in your bag, so you can put it on during your stays. Trust us, it can be crucial for your success on race day!


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Fe226 offers high tech and high quality performance sportswear for running, cycling and triathlon for heat conditions like at the Ironman Hawaii in Kona

Fe226 Running Apparel: high quality odourfree and antibacterial running shirt, running singlet, running short, running tight for marathon, training runs, triathlon training. Fe226 AeroForce: our best and fastest Triathlon and time trial suit! wind tunnel test winner. High quality, super fast
Fe226 Cycling Apparel: high quality, cycling jersey, cycling bib short, cycling socks, indoor cycling items that won't smell and last long High quality: Fe226 Hoodie, Fe226 Crewneck, Fe226 odourfree Sport Socks for running and cycling, Fe226 Merino Beanie, Fe226 t shirt, Fe226 sticker

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