The Ekstra Mile Evolutionary Running Apparel: Run Better with Fe226

Are you tired of dealing with running-related injuries, soreness, and inefficient posture? Look no further than Fe226's revolutionary running apparel - "The Ekstra Mile." This innovative two-piece running set, comprising The Perfect Posture Running Top and The Muscle Activator Running Tight, is designed to transform your running experience, helping you achieve optimal performance and reduce the risk of injuries.

The Perfect Posture Running Top: A Game-Changer in Running Form

Fe226's mission was clear - create a running top that not only enhances your performance but also detects and corrects ineffective running posture. Collaborating with experts, including gebioMized®, physiotherapists, coaches, and athletes, they developed the Perfect Posture™ Running Top.


  1. Core and Shoulder Support:

    • Three varieties of panels work together to reduce tension in shoulders and side drop.
    • Supports the lower back and opens the chest, facilitating a better breathing pattern.
  2. Efficient Power Transfer:

    • Improves power transfer from the core to the hip flexors for an upright position while running.
  3. Shoulder Support Compression Panel:

    • Relaxes shoulders while maintaining correct posture, enhancing running efficiency.
  4. Core Stabilizing Panel:

    • Reduces waist curvature, minimizing side motion and drop while boosting power transfer.
  5. Ventilation Panels:

    • Ensures cooling and quick drying for comfort during extended runs.

gebioMized® Analysis Results:

After rigorous testing with the gebioMized® analysis team in Münster, Germany, the Perfect Posture Running Top showed remarkable efficiency gains:

  • 8.7 degrees less forward lean at the waist (17%)
  • 1.5 degrees more upright in the torso (neck)
  • 0.7 cm less side drop

The Muscle Activator Running Tight: Unleash Your Full Running Potential

Designed based on biomechanics and kinesiology, the Muscle Activator Tight is crafted for optimal running form, aiming to activate glutes and boost foot impetus while providing targeted joint support.

Performance-Boosting Features:

  1. Glute and Hip Activation Panels:

    • Enhance running speed and power.
  2. Targeted Joint Support:

    • Reduces the risk of injuries by providing support where needed.
  3. Quad and Hamstring Support:

    • Minimizes post-run soreness and accelerates recovery.
  4. Italian Fabric Excellence:

    • Superior cooling and compression characteristics for peak performance.
  5. Reflective Prints:

    • Maximize visibility during dawn or night runs for added safety.

High-Performance Italian Fabric:

The Muscle Activator Tight is crafted with specially chosen Italian fabric that excels in cooling and compression. Moisture-wicking, quick-drying, and antimicrobial properties ensure a comfortable and hygienic running experience. The 5-thread stretch overlock seams guarantee durability and stretchability, making it the go-to choice for serious runners.

Fe226's The Ekstra Mile takes running apparel to new heights, combining cutting-edge design, scientific analysis, and premium materials. Elevate your running experience, correct your posture, and unlock your full potential with Fe226. The road is long; take The Ekstra Mile.

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