AeroForce Suit Time Trial Edition


Wind tunnel test winner

Super comfortable and fast

Second skin - made to win races

The Fe226 AeroForce Suit is designed and constructed to be the very best suit on the market for time trialists and also a good choice for triathletes. No compromises in design, fabric, trims or construction have been made.


Design & Construction
Our 2019 version of the AeroForce Suit won by a 9 watts margin to the next best in a large wind-tunnel test conducted by RennRad against 13 other TT and triathlon suits from the fastest brands in the world. The editor said: “At first, we didn’t believe the test results, so we had to do them all again. They turned out to be correct”.

This special time trial edition suits makes the same characteristics affordable for cyclists and triathletes. We just skipped some very triathlon-like properties in order to meet a different price target. It is 100% the same in terms of aerodynamics and fit. It has no ColdBlack treatment, no antibacterial treatment and no additional water repellency. Because we feel you don't really need if you compete in a (usually shorter) time trial race or in a triathlon race with normal european weather conditions.

Here's a look into the features of the AeroForce Suit Time Trial Edition:

  • The core fabric is lighter, has the ultimate stretch, is faster drying and more aero- and hydrodynamic than any other product out there
  • Bonded edges on arm and leg hems to minimize chafing
  • Direct printed silicone dots on leg hems to keep the garment in place without tightening and restricting elastic bands
  • Laser cut holes on the sides ensure maximum breathability and superior aerodynamics
  • Mesh panel along the spine allows heat to dissipate. It also improves aerodynamics where the slipstream from your helmet meets the suit
  • Long front zip makes it easy to get the suit on and off
  • Back pocket + gel pockets on both sides to keep you powered up
  • Use the back pocket lid to caover your race number from the wind and place it below

The EIT Super-Tripad has a special design developed to provide maximum performance and comfort. The high-density foam provides maximum protection with a slim profile. The all-way stretch fabric guarantees total freedom of movement and excellent fit. The perforated foam ensures maximum breathability and fast dry.


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