Production in Belarus

Back in 2020, when the Belarus demonstrations against the election results were at their peak, we decided to ask our Lithuanian manufacturer to move part of our production to their facility in Belarus. We did this to support the common people in a very poor region of Belarus. And we could do so, because the factory is under Lithuanian management so money is channeled in the right direction.

With Belarus' role in the Russian war, this is no longer a viable solution, which is why we have decided to suspend all production in Belarus. Part of our Spring/Summer 2022 collection is still produced in Belarus, but this will be the last production batch from this factory for now. If you buy a product produced in Belarus, rest assure that it has been produced under socially and environmentally responsible conditions as per our product dogmas.

At the moment we and our Lithuanian partners are working hard to open up a new production opportunity in Western Ukraine. Depending on how the situation unfolds we would like to move our production to Ukraine as soon as possible in order to support ukrainian people and economy.

If you have any questions, please, do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Stay strong in these dark times.

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