What the "X" represents to us

The "X" signifies who we are, and what we are. It represents our inspiration from alternative music, our preoccupation with continuously evolving our products, business and minds, our belief that producing less, buying less and using your products in a mindful way are keys to a more sustainable way of life. The X means...

  • STOP. Don't buy this item, unless you really need it! Our Product Dogmas explain why.
  • Xcellence. We aim to develop products that are so well thought-through, that you only need the one. 
  • X-ing limits. We believe in challenging limits, rather than limiting challenges. In our sport, our business, and our lives. Our Brand Manifesto explains our No Limits approach.
  • No F-X. Inspired by frontier musicians in punkrock and grunge, we strip products down to their essentials and add carefully curated details to make them unique. All you want, nothing you don't.
  • Xpress yourself. We believe in being true to yourself whilst maintaining your curiosity to other so you can constantly evolve. We are the evolutionaries. Join the Evolution. 

The "X" means so much more: It's the chromosome we have in common, the identifier, the multiplicator, the unknown, the kiss, the wish, the spot on a map...

That's what the "X" means to us. What it means to you, is for you to decide. After all, the "X" marks your choice on the ballot.