Rock'n'Ride: Fe226' Indoor Cycling Playlist

Indoor cycling is one of the most efficient tools to get into shape - not only during winter times. On the other hand it can get pretty boring. We'll keep you covered, weather your are training for your triathlon or cycling summer season or participating in Zwift races or other virtual competitions. All our indoor cycling items are antibacterial and odourless, which is why you can use them perfectly in the gym or for your spinning lessons. 

In addition we curated a playlist to keep the motivation high during your indoor rides. It contains a lot of Rock'n'Roll and is selected to keep your cadence around a 90 to 100 rpm level for endurance building. A good number of songs can be used for strength focused low cadence/big gear intervals - with some faster songs to further improve your pedalling efficiency. 

The first three and last three songs are selected to be your warm-up and cool-down, so keep it easy. I totally depends on you how you want to treat the rest of 'em:

You can use it as it is and just listen to it.

Or try to follow the rhythm of each song. 

Or use every second song with a very big gear and half speed to gain some strength.

Or start with easy pedalling and change the gears to a bigger one with every sons, until you have reached your limit. Then start again...

However: be creative, be motivated. BE IRON.

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