The Cycling Bike Bib Shorts - Black, odorfree and comfy high quality by Fe226


Experience increased performance and comfort when you pedal with the Fe226 Cycling Bike Bib Shorts. Featuring an aerodynamic fit and an elastic fabric construction, the Fe226 Cycling Bike Bib Shorts will help you stay comfortable and fatigue-free throughout your ride. Rely on this product to provide the perfect balance between performance and comfort when you hit the road, trail, or race.

Looking for Cycling Bike Bib Shorts? Look no further. We at Fe226 have the solution: our Cycling Bike Bib Shorts in black. We only offer one option because it is the best choice - reducing your environmental impact while still providing superior performance. You don't need a whole wardrobe of cycling apparel; our singular product meets all your needs. Learn about our product principles here. When it comes to quality and sustainability, Fe226 offers one item per category - and only if it is truly the best.

The Fe226 Cycling Bike Bib Shorts boasts aero-dynamic and compressive fit technology to reduce fatigue and optimize power output. Comfort is also key, with the unique warp-knitted fabric providing superior breathability and excellent support. The fabric, engineered by Italian mill MITI SpA, is anti-bacterial, wicking, quick-dry, and cooling (ColdBlack®). It boasts 4-way stretch, enabling enhanced mobility while providing muscle support.

Pilling resistance: This fabric's durability has been tested using the Martindale Abrasion Resistance Test with maximum scores (5 out of 5)  

UVA and UVB protection: This fabric has shown the highest protection level of 50+  

Reflective branding pattern to keep you visible in the dark  

The Chamois is made from an elastic warp-knit fabric and carbon, making it the first of its kind for road cycling pads. It offers a multidirectional curvature for maximum stability and a perfect fit on long-distance rides. The ultra-high density perineal insert (pelvic track) and ischiatic support are specifically designed for riders with a more upright position on the saddle, reducing pressure on the front and shifting it towards the back. This unique design was inspired by a study on genital movement during cycling, resulting in a special "encased" shaping in the top part of the chamois for improved fit and privacy.

We only produce in European factories that are socially and environmentally responsible. We only use high-quality, locally sourced fabrics, and we always produce in smaller batches. You can read more about our product dogmas here. If you wonder, why our prices are rather high compared to some better known brands, please have a look here.

Reduce the frequency of washing your garments by rinsing them with water and air-drying. This can lead to washing only 3-8 times after use, saving you money and helping the environment. With Fe226 High Quality bib shorts, you can train more without worrying about washing frequently. Our carefully selected fabrics and antibacterial properties ensure longevity and conservation of resources. Our products are designed with timeless style and made in Europe by socially and environmentally responsible partners for a guilt-free purchase.

Please, read more about our BRAND MANIFESTO, our PRODUCT DOGMASABOUT US and OUR LOGO to get to know Fe226 better.

The X signifies that Fe226 develops high quality sustainable sportswear for running, cycling, triathlon. Danish design, performance driven, punk rock inspired, made in europe. Perform better. Act responsibly. X-ing your limits with less harm to the planet.

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