Fe226 Running & Cycling Socks Ultramarine Blue, odor free and comfortable


Fe226 Running & Cycling Socks Ultramarine Blue bring extra-comfort and style to your day. Lightweight performance fabric ensures a snug fit and anti-bacterial tech helps keep odors at a minimum. Plus, you need only wash these Running & Cycling Socks every 3-8 uses—saving you money & helping the environment. Get ready to conquer your next running or cycling challenge in these must-have footwear.

Fe226 Running & Cycling Socks in Ultramarine Blue are designed with thin performance fabrics, providing a secure, comfortable fit suitable for any activity - from running to cycling to triathlon training and everyday wear. Cushioning at the achilles tendon is delivered with light compression for maximum support without irritation to the skin.

For sporting apparel with an understated look, our Ultramarine Fe226 Running & Cycling Socks will perfectly match any of our ultramarine Fe226 Running Shirts, Singlets, Cycling Jersey and Cycling Bib Short. Alternatively, our black and white items also look great with these socks!


According to our Product Dogmas each and every one of our products is made to be the only one of its kind in your wardrobe. Here's why we think, the Fe226 Running and Cycling Socks can be your only sports socks from now on:

Fe226 Running & Cycling Socks are designed to provide light compression and stability, reducing discomfort and slipping during running, biking, and daily activities. With Odour-Crunch technology, these socks help to actively ward off unpleasant odours, making them ideal for any situation. A great match to other Fe226 items like Running Shirts, Singlets, Cycling Jerseys, and Bib Shorts.

Our production is exclusively based in socially and environmentally responsible European factories, utilizing only top-quality, locally sourced fabrics in smaller batches. You can read more about our product dogmas here. If you wonder, why our prices are rather high compared to some better known brands, please have a look here.

Purpose: Running / Cycling / Indoor Cycling / Spinning / Triathlon / Everyday use

By rinsing your Fe226 Running & Cycling Socks Ultramarine Blue under water after each use and then hanging it to dry, you can reduce washing it down to every 3-8 times. This method of washing also helps to restrict bacterial growth and prolongs the lifespan of the products, so you can buy fewer socks and save money. Plus, the environment will thank you.

It's not something you might be used to doing, but we encourage you to give it a go: Train more and wash less!

Expertly selected and meticulously finished fabrics are just some of the reasons to choose Fe226. Developed by athletes, our Perfect Fit design reduces the need for frequent washing and prolongs the lifespan of the product - saving water and energy. Our products are stripped down to the essentials, with added details for a unique touch. With our timeless design, you can be sure that your Fe226 product will last for years to come. And not only are our materials and production methods socially and environmentally responsible, but they are also made in Europe, ensuring top quality.

Please, read more about our BRAND MANIFESTO, our PRODUCT DOGMASABOUT US and OUR LOGO to get to know Fe226 better.


The X signifies that Fe226 develops high quality sustainable sportswear for running, cycling, triathlon. Danish design, performance driven, punk rock inspired, made in europe. Perform better. Act responsibly. X-ing your limits with less harm to the planet.

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