BE IRON Hoodie | Cozy Hoodie for Athletes | Fe226 BE IRON Metal Hoodie

€79 €99

Look good and feel great with the Fe226 BE IRON Hoodie, responsibly produced in Europe with cutting-edge, super soft Poly-cotton fabric. This BE IRON Hoodie fits like a dream - tight but never restrictive - and won't slack off over time. With this bad boy, you're always ready to rock and roll, no matter how many times you throw it on!

You can use this hoodie as an everyday item, to and from training and race, for easy jogs or in the gym. The design is slimfit and sportive with BE IRON printed in silver (metal-look) on the front, and Fe226 subtly printed on the hoodie. 

The BE IRON Hoodie is made from a 335 grams/m high-quality poly-cotton. 

Fe226, it's the highest quality you can get: fabric handpicked & finished to perfection. Wear it like a champ: Tests prove it's fit for athletes & more. And the bonus? Antibacterial tech means less-frequent washing & low-water/energy usage. You get everything you need (plus a few neat add-ons) & none of what you don't. It won't break down on you any time soon either - timeless design & flashy prints are out. Qualified makers in Europe handle fabrics & production, so you don't have to worry about social & ecological responsibility.

Please, read more about our BRAND MANIFESTO, our PRODUCT DOGMASABOUT US and OUR LOGO to get to know Fe226 better.

The X signifies that Fe226 develops high quality sustainable sportswear for running, cycling, triathlon. Danish design, performance driven, punk rock inspired, made in europe. Perform better. Act responsibly. X-ing your limits with less harm to the planet.

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