TEM Perfect Posture Top


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Supports your lower back to help you run more upright  

Supports your shoulders and upper back to reduce hunching 

Supports your core to reduce side drop and –swing 

Fe226's revolutionary Perfect Posture Running Top is constructed to improve your running form by supporting your core and your shoulders. This will help you:

  • Ease your breathing (open chest)
  • Reduce tension in your shoulders
  • Reduce your side drop and –swing
  • Improve the power transmission from your core to your hip flexors

More than two years ago, we set out to find a solution to the issue of bad running form. We gathered a group of experts that included bio-mechanical and kinetic experts from gebioMized®, physiotherapists, running coaches and some of our professional athletes. Our mission was to develop a running top, that endurance runners can use in their training regime to help detect and correct in-efficient running posture. The result of our endeavors is the Fe226 Perfect Posture™ Running Top. This top is constructed to support your core and shoulders to prevent/reduce:

  • Leaning forward at your waist
  • Side drop and side swing
  • Hunched shoulders

The Fe226 Perfect Posture™ Running Top is constructed with three different kind of panels, to optimize posture while keeping you comfortable.

  • A shoulder supporting compression panel helps you relax in the shoulders while ensuring that your shoulders are not hunching. This is important for your running efficiency because it allows you to breathe easily while enabling you to better utilize shoulder movement to create momentum in your hips.
  • A core stabilizing compression panel makes sure the bend in your waist is reduced while reducing your side drop and side swing. Also, it helps you increase power transfer from your hips to your legs.
  • Ventilating panels on front and back ensure cooling and quick dry. 

To prove the efficiency gains from the Fe226 Perfect Posture™ Running Top, we took it to detailed tests with the gebioMized® analysis team in Münster, Germany. The results speak for themselves. For a fatigued runner the Fe226 Perfect Posture Running Top gave:

  • 8,7 degrees less forward lean at the waist (17%)
  • 1,5 degrees more upright in the torso (neck)
  • 0,7 cm less side drop

Learn more about how The Ekstra Mile works here.

Why you should buy this as your only running top:

High Quality: Our fabrics are carefully selected and finished to the highest standards

Perfect Fit: Developed by people who are athletes themselves

Train more, wash less: This product is antibacterial and needs less washing, it lasts much longer and helps save water and energy

All that you want - nothing you don't: We strip each product down to the essentials - and add detail to make them unique

Timeless design: Your product should last a long time. So, you must also like to wear it for a long time. That's why we deliberately avoid flashy prints and fashion colors

Made in Europe: For fabrics and production, we work exclusively with socially and ecologically responsible partners

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