Fe226 Alternative Christmas Playlists

A tree, a lot of food, glittering lights, Chris Rea and Wham... WAIT! Just in case you are as tired of listening to the same christmas songs over and over again as we are: We got something for you! 

If you like some alternative, indie, rock and punk music, Morten and Nis both curated their favorite songs for the next few days. Switch! Have a cold beer - or two. And don't forget to take your Fe226 apparel for a run or bike ride in between. 

But first and foremost, we at Fe226 wish you a wonderful festive season with your loved ones - even if it might be different from other years. 

Here's to great memories and big goals together! Thank you so much for trusting our brand and products, we couldn't wish for more.


Lone, Morten & Nis