Fe226 4-days program to improve your running

As a runner it is not only important to just get in the miles - you should also work on your skills. And one target should be your running cadence. Improving your cadence – the number of steps you take per minute – is beneficial, as a quicker stride rate tends to encourage lighter form, more upright core, shorter ground contact and reduces the risk of overstriding and injuries. As you increase cadence, you also tend to bring your landing foot closer to your centre of mass, which is really important for many hurt and injury-free miles. Read more about it here.

You can improve your running form by focussing on cadence runs once a week. But if you want to improve faster, what about our 4-days program?

Here's our suggestion for 4 days of running. Besides the number of steps just focus on feeling lightweight and relaxed - and remember to "stand straight". Imagine you are like a puppet on a string, pulled up by a string attached to the middle of your head. Keep straight and then lean (NOT BEND!) forward and let your feet just follow the "falling" impulse. 

Run with your hips and arms

There’s a misconception that your running power comes from your calves and quads. Instead it comes from the trifecta that is the hamstring, glute, and hip flexor, the unsung heroes of running. Your ability to run with your hips is what determines how fast and how far you can pick up your feet. 

Also, if you want to take more steps per minute, you can do that by using your arms. Keep the tight to your body and bended and then use them to adapt to the rhythym. Feel like a drummer, who is the metronome. When your hands/arm set the rhythm your feet will follow. 

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The Fe226 BPM training program

Day 1

Today is about getting used to higher cadence - and some harder effort, while your body is still fresh. Use our playlist and warm up for three songs. After that, focus on cadence and run hard for one sond, followed by a slow one with lower cadence and low effort. Adjust the length to what your body is used to. If your normal run is about 60 minutes, don't do more than 45 minutes with intervals.

Day 2

The second day should be a longer run at your base tempo. Just listen to this playlist and focus on cadence and the skills we mentioned above. Go as long as you usually do.

Day 3

Today is about going through different speeds while maintaining a high cadence. Use the playlist songs as your motivator for some fartlek intervals. Warm up and then vary the tempo with every song. Just follow your feeling - but don't forget to relax in between with some slower efforts/songs. Don't overdo and plan with 10-15 min less than your normal workout time.

Day 4

Almost done. The last day is reserved for a longish run. How long is your long run? Do a little less, because it is a different focus and your muscles might be tired by the new approach. That being said, just follow the beat of our playlist songs and keep rollin'.

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