Punk's not dead - Playlist for dark moments

This is a Playlist for our friend Patti, who ran Paris Marathon - and brought a souvenir named "Corona". Then he carefully started training again as he wanted to compete at Ironman Lanzarote. Just to experience some heart problems, so he had to cancel that race.

That fits into a long line of cancellations. Patti qualified for Ironman Hawaii - which was then postponed due to Covid-19 twice. He got a slot for Ironman Lanzarote - and guess what...

Of course, there are many things in life that are much worse. But, hey: we would just like to send him through all the emotions associated with it - and show, that it will be good soon. 

The song titles are intended to trace the feelings from being strong (Paris Marathon), realizing something is not right, being pissed and feeling broken and then standing up, recollecting yourself and notice that the fire still burns.

It is curated to show the way out to anyone going through a difficult phase.

Punk's not dead!


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