How to improve your running cadence

Is there anything like a “right” running cadence? Any number you should work for? Well, the right cadence is a heavily debated topic among runners and triathletes. Some studies show that most world-class runners take around 180 steps (or more) per minute – and, gosh, they are good!

Does that mean it’s the perfect number for you as well? Nes, or Yo. While there is no perfect individual number, science shows there is a range that you should aim for. And that range is individual. But aiming for 180 rpm is a valuable goal. Even more if you aren’t used to running in that range. Because improving your cadence not only will help you run faster with the same or even less effort, but it can also lessen your chance of injuries.

Scientists also state that most injuries result from three different aspects of your running technique. Heel striking, over-striding and cadence/or cadence. With Fe226’ The Ekstra Mile Perfect Posture Top and Muscle Activator Short you can already do it lot to improve all of them. Please have a look here to see how it works and learn about its proven results.

In order to improve your cadence – which is indeed easier when using The Esktra Mile (TEM) Training Tools – we have curated a runner’s playlist for you. Check it out here and use is as much as you want. It contains different music that will make it easy to just follow the beat and become a better runner.

Next steps: Buy yourself your TEM Training Tools, put them on, use our playlist and start to get used to higher running cadence. You can start with the first two songs, that feature a slightly lower cadence and then just stick to the playlist rpm as long as you can. Or just choose to run with the beat for every second song. Or however you feel good with. The only thing that really matters is trying to improve. This is how you can…

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Oh, by the way: we tried it ourselves many times and we promise: it works!