The most popular and comfortable Fe226 2-in-1 Running Short


Lace up in the latest iteration of the 2-in-1 Running Short from Fe226, featuring an improved design based on feedback from YOU - the wearer! This popular running pant amplifies breathability and offers secure pockets for your essential items, allowing you to power through marathons, trails, or simply your daily triathlon training with ease. Forget what you thought about running shorts - this one is legit!

Developed with the goal of surpassing your limitations, Fe226 offers premium sportswear with unrivaled features that make each piece worthy of being your sole choice. Discover why we believe THE 2-in-1 Running Short is the ideal 2-in-1 option for your running needs.

This advanced running short is an upgraded version of the classic 2-in-1 shorts, designed to provide speed and support in both short and long runs. The inner short is light and compressive, delivering support to your upper legs and activating your gluteus. The breathable, lightweight outer short is designed with reflective prints for visibility in the dark. It also features two side pockets with holes for easy access, as well as overlapping hems and an elastic waistband with an adjustable drawstring for an optimal fit. 

The 2-in-1 Running Short has been enhanced based on feedback from Fe226 Circle users. The fit has been improved with a shortened length of the inner short and a lower waist of the outer short. Additionally, the inner short is crafted with a softer, more comfortable fabric, and a soft brushed inner side. Our utmost appreciation to all who provided constructive ideas and feedback as we worked on this together.

    Our manufacturing process is limited to European factories that prioritize social and environmental responsibility. Our materials are specifically selected for their high quality and locally sourced, and we strive to produce in small, sustainable batches.You can read more about our product dogmas here. If you wonder, why our prices are rather high compared to some better known brands, please have a look here.

    Train more, not wash more! Instead of washing your garments often after each exercise, you can rinse them off under water and hang it up to dry. This will help you reduce washing cycles to just every 3-8 times you use it. Not only does this save time, it also leads to less bacterial growth, making your garments last longer. In the end, this helps your wallet and the environment.

    Expertly designed and developed by athletes at heart, the Fe226 2-in-1 Running Short achieves peak performance standards with carefully chosen fabrics. Its antibacterial properties allow for less frequent washing, saving water and energy. Details are kept to a minimum to highlight the product's essential features, ensuring timeless appeal. Sourced from socially and ecologically responsible partners, this short maintains a professional and fashionable image.

    Please, read more about our BRAND MANIFESTO, our PRODUCT DOGMASABOUT US and OUR LOGO to get to know Fe226 better.

    The X signifies that Fe226 develops high quality sustainable sportswear for running, cycling, triathlon. Danish design, performance driven, punk rock inspired, made in europe. Perform better. Act responsibly. X-ing your limits with less harm to the planet.

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