Run, run, run - Fe226 Alternative and Punk Music Playlists for your long runs

A long run is a long run. Whether it means dressing up and wearing your running shoes for 35 kilometers or 10 is up to you. No matter how long you run: we help you to stay motivated - and to improve your running. The Fe226 Crew curated two playlists for your long runs.

Fe226 Alternative and Punk Running Playlists

All songs are carefully selected around 180 bpm. Wonder why?

Well, the right cadence is a heavily debated topic among runners and triathletes. Some studies show that most world-class runners take around 180 steps (or more) per minute – and, gosh, they are good!

Does that mean it’s the perfect number for you as well? Nes, or Yo. While there is no perfect individual number, science shows there is a range that you should aim for. And that range is individual. But aiming for 180 rpm is a valuable goal. Even more if you aren’t used to running in that range. Because improving your cadence not only will help you run faster with the same or even less effort, but it can also lessen your chance of injuries.

Scientists also state that most injuries result from three different aspects of your running technique. Heel striking, over-striding and cadence/or cadence. With Fe226 The Perfect Posture Top and The Muscle Activator Short you can already do it lot to improve all of them. Please have a look here to see how it works and learn about its proven results.

Fe226 provides punk rock and other music playlists to help you run better and run faster. Improve your 5k run, training runs, 10k run, half marathon, marathon, triathlon run with Fe226 playlists

But: you did not come here to reading about Semi-scientific treatises on your running technique, right? You wanted some fxxxin' music! 

Here you go!

Run looong, Punk!

Almost 4 hours of punk rock music from all the ages! All at 180 bpm (or rpm), so you can just go with the flow.

Run Alternative

If you are not too much into punk rock music, but enjoy a good mix of alternative music (from softer tones to distorted tunes), this is made for you! Almost 3 hours of songs from all over the alternative music world. All at 180 bpm to help improving your run. 

Fe226 Running Playlist to keep running with 180 steps per minute. Made with punk rock and alternative music for motivation during your long runs


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