People we Admire - Stevie Williams (The Clowns, Label Owner, Runner, Brewer)

Stevie Williams: A Multifaceted Force in Punk Rock and Beyond

In the dynamic realm of punk rock, there are those who stand out not only for their music but for their multifaceted lives and creative pursuits. Stevie Williams, an Australian punk rock singer, runner, beer brewer, DJ, and label owner, is one such individual who has carved a distinctive path in both the punk scene and various other arenas. With a captivating blend of music, self-discovery, athleticism, and entrepreneurship, Williams's journey is an embodiment of fearless exploration and relentless passion.

Williams is best known as the lead singer of the Australian punk rock band Clowns. The band recently announced their fifth album, "ENDLESS," a collection that delves into themes of immortality and human exploration. The record, written between 2020 and 2022, captures the essence of an uncertain world grappling with existential questions. Williams and his bandmates found solace and empowerment in addressing these themes through their music.

One of the album's standout tracks, "BISEXUAL AWAKENING" – all caps in case you missed the message – presents an intimate exploration of Williams' sexual self-discovery. The song celebrates the support and community he found during moments of revelation, all the while maintaining the band's classic tongue-in-cheek approach. Williams unapologetically embraces his journey and challenges societal norms with his music. As he eloquently puts it in an Interview with RollingStone Magazine, "Over the years, I’ve come to fully realise the multi-dimensionality of my sexuality," he explains. "I was inspired to write a punk song that celebrates the support and community I found during moments of self-discovery in our classic tongue-in-cheek way. Plus, I wanted to see what would happen if I wrote a song about fucking people’s dads." 

Running Toward Mental Wellbeing

Beyond the stage, Williams has found a powerful outlet for his energy and emotions in running. He took up running in 2020, seeking an escape from the static confinement of lockdowns: “I started running in 2020 when my energy felt like it was being held static from being forced into lockdowns. I'd never been so stationary in my entire life and I had to get it out some way. I used to run so far and so fast that the pain of death would strike me, it's like I had to purge it out or something. Slowly but surely I had to start running longer distances to get there, then it got to a stage where it felt like I could run just about as long as the day would last without getting there.” 

Running became a form of catharsis, a means to purge restlessness and embrace mental clarity. Williams attests to the profound mental health benefits of running, highlighting its role as a potent little helper: “Straight up. It's the most powerful antidepressant I’ve ever used.”

Williams draws parallels between his musical performances and his newfound passion for running. Improved fitness and endurance have elevated his stage presence, enabling him to engage with audiences more effectively. The physical exertion of running translates into heightened alertness and cognitive agility, amplifying his prowess as a performer. In his own words, "It's crazy how much easier I can get through a show since I started keeping an eye on my fitness and endurance. I actually feel like a better performer because I'm not constantly out of breath. I'm more alert and my brain works quicker."

Brewing Creativity: Beer and Beyond

Williams's creativity extends beyond the realm of music and athletics. He took up brewing beer as another productive and enjoyable hobby during lockdown. Brewing served as a means of channeling his passion for craft and experimentation, resulting in a tangible and satisfying product. While time constraints have limited his brewing endeavors post-pandemic, the process remains an avenue for creative expression and camaraderie: “I brewed beer in lockdown again as a way to pass the time. It's a fun hobby and productive way to enjoy drinking (which i already enjoy quite a lot). But alas, it takes a lot of time, energy and constant upkeep to do correctly - which in a post pandemic world I don't have sufficient amounts of to keep up.”

A Pioneer in the Punk Scene

Williams's influence isn't confined to his musical endeavors; he's also made a mark as a label owner of DAMAGED. His role as a label owner comes with its challenges and demands, as he navigates the intricate landscape of the music industry. Despite the workload, Williams's commitment to fostering emerging talent and amplifying unique voices underscores his dedication to the punk community. As he succinctly states, "It's a lot of fucking work."

But: Steve seems to not be afraid of putting in some work at all. And it looks as if he found a healthy way of doing it: “I live my life on a mantra of the phrase "don't try". Of course, I work very hard towards things in my life, but if I feel like they aren't working or that I'm trying to hard I stop and do something else. If I'm working hard on something in my life it's not because I am trying, it's because working hard in that direction feels like the most inspiring thing to do at that moment in time. I just like it when things work easy and seamlessly in life and I hate it when it gets stressful and overwhelming and I think I am quite attuned when things are working and when I'm trying too hard.”

Clowns, an australian punk rock band with Stevie Williams being their Singer. Check them on tour and their records!

Beyond Boundaries: Stevie Williams' Unconstrained Worldview

Stevie Williams defies categorization, embodying a spirit that transcends boundaries. His diverse interests, from punk rock to running and beer brewing, reflect a refusal to conform to predefined roles. Williams's life is a testament to the power of following one's passions, embracing authenticity, and constantly pushing the limits of self-discovery: “My tastes in music and life are not bound by any limitations. My musical tastes are not bound by genre. I love and am indifferent to random specific artists in every genre. I love Slipknot, Dua Lipa, The Prodigy, Boney M, ABBA, The Offspring, Turnstile, Frankie Knuckles, FISHER...”

As the lead singer of Clowns, Williams's candid exploration of identity and human experience through music challenges societal norms and fosters inclusivity. His dedication to running reinforces the link between physical and mental wellbeing, demonstrating the transformative potential of sports. Moreover, his foray into brewing adds a touch of artisanal flair to his repertoire, showcasing his willingness to venture into uncharted territories.

Stevie Williams serves as a beacon of inspiration for those who dare to break free from convention and embrace the full spectrum of their interests. His journey underscores the importance of fluidity, resilience, and relentless pursuit in the pursuit of a life fully lived. Whether on stage, on the road, or in the driving seat of Damaged Records, Stevie Williams continues to forge an indelible mark on the world around him. How could we not love a personality like Stevie?

And we couldn’t agree more with him about what YOU will have to do next: "Buy our new album ENDLESS and come to the next Clowns shows or I'll put my running shoes on and chase you down :)"

Stevie Williams, Singer for australian punk rock band CLOWNS, runner, label owner, dj, beer brewer. Featured on Fe226

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