Your Perfect Running Race Day Outfit

If you are running a 5k, 10k, half marathon, marathon or even ultra marathon race you prepared and exercised for a long time and thought about it for hours and hours, right? Your running clothing can also be a decisive factor for a successfull race day. Here's our Fe226 advice for different race day weather conditions.

In general we do not recommend wearing brand new clothes for a race. This also applies to the running shoes. Wear and wash your clothes a few times before race days to get used to them and check if there are any chafing or miscomfort anywhere. The best apparel is the one that you totally forget about while wearing it. 

Fe226 was founded to introduce sportswear that will help you go beyond your limits. Sportswear in such a high quality, and with such unique features, that each item is good enough to be the only one you own. Because our belief is, that the keys to reducing the environmental footprint of sportswear are buying less, producing less, and mindful usage. According to our Product Dogmas you don't need too many running products to train and race in. But, as any marathon is different, there are different outfits that you should choose from come race day. Here's our advice:

Scientifically, 11°C is the perfect temperature for a fast run. Your body won't have to spend extra energy to warm up our cool itself down. And the idea is to just wear shorts and a singlet then. That being said, you can imagine, that most runners wear far too many clothes. If you freeze a bit at the start, then it's just right.


Just wear The Ekstra Mile Perfect Posture Top and Muscle Activator Tight for a more efficient run. This set stabilises hips, core and shoulders to give you a more upright running posture. And it activates the glutes to give a more powerful run. Learn more here. It's also tight and very aerodynamic, so by just wearing this you will run your best splits. Wear the tights over the top for best power transfer. Wear our odourless Running Socks for a comfortable and fast day. It works well with all conditions and temperatures between 10 and 25°C.



If you don't want to give up the benefits of the The Ekstra Mile, but prefer a relaxed look, just extend your race day outfit with a matching singlet and socks. Our singlet is super breathable, so it won't get too hot if the temperatures are between 5 and 18°C.



If you don't care too much about fast times and efficiency and more about comfort, go with one of these. They are working best with temperatures between 7 and 15°C.




These are your choices if the temperatures get really high. Works perfect from 11 to 40°C. If you choose the first one with TEM Outer Short, make sure you use your favorite running underpant with it.




Last, but not least we have two specific women's outfits for race days. Even if the others products are unisex and most women like them, we offer some items, that are especially developed for you. Use the singlet if the temperatures are between 7 and 20°C and the Bra Top, if it gets even hotter on race day. 


Here's our Fe226 advice for different race day weather conditions about what to wear in a 5k, 10k, half marathon, marathon or ultra marathon?
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