Train more - wash less | Why?

Fe226 is a brand with values. Our mission is to develop sportswear that helps x-ing your limits with less harm done to the planet. A cornerstone in doing this, is to develop antibacterial sportswear that needs less washing. We do this for three reasons:

Your sportswear lasts longer

Your environmental footprint will be reduced

You will use less energy, less water, and less money

Longer lasting Sportswear

Maybe you recognize the situation: After a few months of use, your sportswear starts smelling – even after wash. With antibacterial garments, you will never experience this again. With Fe226 kit, you can keep and use your garment for longer.

On top of this, you will not have to wash your kit after each exercise. Instead, just rinse in cold water to get rid of dust and salt and hang it up to dry. By reducing washing to every 3-8 times you use it, the wear and tear from the washing machine will also be less, which again helps your kit last longer.

Reduced environmental impact

Did you know that the use of a sportswear garment stands for 50-70% of its total carbon emission? By reducing the number of washes, you can drastically reduce the environmental impact of the garment. Water and energy are saved, CO2 emission is reduced, and even the amount of microplastics is less. 

Studies show, that if you use an anti-bacterial garment for just nine months longer, you will reduce water usage by close to 20%, CO2 emissions by more than 15% and waste by 8% compared to a normal sportswear item. And why stop at nine months, if your sportswear stays fresh and look new?

Save energy - and cost

We asked our Fe226 circle how often they typically wash their sportswear. The average answer was one machine load per week. The water consumption of modern machines is about 50 liters per wash, with one wash load per week this results in a value of 2,600 liters per year - drinking water, that is now contaminated with detergent and chemicals. If you was every 3-4 times you use your sportswear, you will save between 1,700 and 1,950 liters per year. Even if you subtract the cold water for rinsing you apparel, you can save at least 1,200 – 1,500 liters of water per year.

On top of this comes the energy consumption. These days, we are more aware of our energy consumption than ever before – both for ideological and economic reasons. A modern washing machine uses around 1.2 kWh per wash, so 50-60 kWh per year for sportswear alone. You can reduce this by 65-80% by using antibacterial sportswear.

PS.: An additional fun-fact: Skipping one wash load per week, will save you three days in a year – not bad, in these busy times, right?

Instead of washing your garments after each exercise, you can rinse under water and hang it up to dry, thereby reducing washing to every 3-8 times you use it. And with less washing and less bacterial growth, your garments also last longer, so you can buy less. Good for your wallet and good for the environment.

Train more, wash less!


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